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Business Website: We take care of everything! We have clients that have been with us for over 10 years! What does that mean? It means they can depend on us, the price is right and they don't have to spend a lot of time messing with their website instead of running their businesses and serving their customers.
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Business Websites,
We Manage Everything!
So Business Owners can
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instead of build websites!
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Maintenance Free!

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  Thank You Michael, a couple years ago we got hit severely by the stock market crash, and I am 65 years old. We had to start yet another business. We contacted Internet Marvels, wow, in just over two years, after following Internet Marvels instructions and advice, we now have 10 full time trades people working for us in our construction business with only online advertising. Thanks again...David in Indianapolis - Jan. 6, 2012
  Man it was hard to find a reliable website company. Then I looked at the Internet Marvels and they actually do run many websites for small businesses all over the country. What a great team. - Dr. Martin
  Thank you so much Michael, since you built my website in 2004 I have made more money, had more fun (because people respect me and my business more) and had to work less. -Carol Cunningham

We Build a Website for your business,
You edit it anytime with the Site Studio Editor
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Benefits of owning your own Business Website.

1. Online 24/7 365 days a year
2. Put your website address on everything you own.
3. Show people what you do, 24/7, and tell them what you can do for them.
4. Show current customers that you care about them enough to put a website online so they can communicate with you easily.
5. Have a professional business E-mail account.
6. Give customers a 24/7 way to communicate with you.
7. Take deposits or down payments online 24/7
8. Sell products 24/7 online.
  18-20% increase in ticket size.
  11-14% increase in order frequency.
  100% order accuracy.
  High grade SSL for online transaction safety.
9. Easy to have a sale or get rid of overstock. Just login to your site and add the product or information.
10. Easy to link to you Amazon or Ebay account.
11. Easy to link with your Facebook or Linked in accounts.
12. Easy to have your own forum for your business and customers.
13. Easy to have your own blog in your site.
14. Easy to add page counters.
15. And much more. Call today 800-920-6651 or 219-262-4903 or click below.

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